The Road to Glycan Analysis - Without Compromise

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Scott Berger, Matt Lauber, Ying Qing Yu, Sean M. McCarthy
Waters Corporation
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Characterizing and monitoring the glycan population of a biotherapeutic protein has continued to present technical and logistical challenges to the biopharmaceutical industry. Improvements to analytical technologies and informatics have made the process quicker and more automated, but overall laboratory workflows for released glycan analysis have continued to be laborious and require high skill to generate accurate and reproducible profiles.

  • What if you could acquire a quantitative glycan profile within an hour of acquiring samples?
  • What if you could generate high quality released glycan results without being an expert?
  • What if you had the option to look at any sample by LC/FLR/MS with MS sensitivity to see mass information corresponding to every FLR peak?
  • What if these mass data were easily and always available, for whenever you might need them?

In our talk at WCBP 2015, we introduce a new solution: GlycoWorks RapiFluor MS labeling reagent, which enables use of FLR and MS for glycan monitoring and characterization.

Download a pdf of the talk below, or watch a video of our talk:

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