Rapid Detection and Identification of Synthetic Phosphodiesterase Type-5 Inhibitors in Counterfeit and Adulterated Products using the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe

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Marian Twohig, Gordon Fujimoto, Nicholas Ellor, and Robert S. Plumb
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The illegal counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and adulteration of herbal dietary supplements with synthetic pharmaceuticals has been recognized as a growing global problem, with the number of detected cases rising every year. This has created a demand for high-throughput analytical techniques. When hyphenated methods such as LC/MS and GC/MS are used to analyse these samples, the need for chromatographic separation and sample extraction often creates a sample processing bottleneck.

The ASAP probe enables direct sample analysis by mass spectrometry, therefore providing a very useful tool for rapidly screening large amounts of solid or liquid samples, providing that they are sufficiently volatile. When paired with TOF-MS, the ASAP probe enables analysts to rapidly identify unknown compounds using exact mass measurement and elemental composition determination with isotope ratio comparison; the turnaround time from sample receipt to structural identification and unknown compound determination is greatly accelerated.

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