Empower Foundations

  • Overview
Date(s): May 19, 2021
Time: 10:00am-11:30am CDT
Location: ONLINE - Session 4
Language: English

Empower Foundations

Join us and colleagues from around the district for a free and informative virtual seminar series focused on increasing your workflow efficiencies with Empower. This 6-session series will begin with fundamentals and build your knowledge to increase your confidence and abilities with Empower.


  • Larry Meeker, Technical Service Specialist, Waters Corporation
  • Jeff Byars, Informatics Specialist, Waters Corporation


APRIL 7 | Session 1: Empower Fundamentals: System Administration

In this session you will be shown fundamental Empower functions and settings to enhance your expertise with the system.
You will learn:

Navigating in the Project Window:

  • The Empower “vocabulary”
  • Configuring privileges and using user groups and users
  • Setting, saving and copying preferences
  • Acquiring data... “What to know before you say GO”
  • Method structure, Sample Sets, and Templates


APRIL 21 | Session 2: Empower Fundamentals: GPC Processing and Quantitation of 2D Data

In this session you will receive an overview of basic processing principles and the role of the Processing Method in Calibration and Quantitation.
We will cover:

  • GPC and SEC Processing
  • How and where to enter Standard Amounts
  • Processing manually vs. in the background
  • Understanding and managing Results and Calibrations
    • ApexTrack IntegrationSet the Apex Detection and Baseline Placement parameters
    • Effectively detect and integrate shoulder peaks
    • Gaussian Skim unresolved peaks


MAY 5 | Session 3: Empower 3 Fundamentals: 3D Processing with PDA and QDa™ Mass Detector

In this session we will focus on the incorporation of 3D detectors such as PDA and QDa. We will demonstrate the power of adding these detector types and how they have assist in improving laboratory efficiency and increase your confidence in your data.

  • Peak purity
  • Library matching
  • Mass analysis window


MAY 19 | Session 4: Empower 3 Software Custom Report

In this session you will become familiar with the flexibility built into Empower™ Software to modify existing reports and create customized reports.
You will learn:

  • The role of the Report Method
  • To quickly find information for a report
  • Modify, sort and filter information for a report
  • Create Summary reports using composite groups


JUNE 2 | Session 5: Audit Trail and Data Integrity

Data integrity refers to the overall completeness, accuracy, and consistency of data and processes during its entire lifecycle. Though this seems simple, the whole process of genuinely generating, maintaining, and transforming data with completeness and accuracy is a challenging task for any organization. You will learn:

  • To use System Audit Trail
  • Data Integrity Regulatory Concerns


JUNE 16 | Session 6: Empower Fundamentals: Custom Calculations, Custom Fields, and System Suitability

You will learn:

  • Sample Fields
  • Setting Up System Suitability
  • Inter-sample Fields
  • Results Fields
    • Peak Fields, Boolean, Enumerated, Summary Fields


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