Natural Products & Traditional Medicines

The names vary: traditional medicines (TM), therapeutic natural products, traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), herbal medicines. But one question always remains: How do they work? Analytical laboratories strive to understand their pharmacology in hopes of obtaining evidence-based validation of effectiveness and establish safe production guidelines.

Today, standard analytical techniques are being used more and more often across a variety of tasks, from screening to sample profiling to QA/QC. Waters can provide the high-quality separations and detection capabilities necessary to identify active compounds and chemical ingredients in highly complex samples. The Waters workflow-based approach, combined with user-friendly software, enables you to quickly perform sample analysis and obtain maximum information.

Natural Products Application Solution with UNIFI The Waters Natural Products Application Solution with UNIFI combines UPLC/QTof MS analytical technology with UNIFI informatics and a Traditional Medicines Library to streamline the identification of chemical structures in complex natural products.
Traditional Medicines & Natural Products Techniques such as purification and qualitative and quantitative chromatography and mass spec are applied to determine active ingrediants and to characterize the efficacy of traditional herbal medicines.
Supercritical CO2 Based Technologies (SFx) Supercritical CO2 based technologies reduce costs and increase efficiency when applied to diverse sample types with the widest selectivities from polar to non-polar. The SFx Portfolio offers a range of supercritical CO2 based technologies: