Forensic Solutions

Forensic Solutions

Data you can trust and stand behind

You have a challenging job to do, whether that’s identifying seized drugs or new psychoactive substances, presenting reliable forensic data in court, monitoring illicit drug use, or analyzing prohibited substances in a sports doping investigation.

With Waters as your partner, you’re never alone in overcoming those challenges. Get the critical data you need with our powerful forensic solutions portfolio, including industry-leading liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, informatics, chemistries, and comprehensive support. At Waters, we’re committed to advancing science in partnership with our customers, and we love to prove it.

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Solutions For Seized Drug Analysis and Forensic Toxicology Screening Quantitative Drugs Methods An extensive portfolio of UPLC-MS/MS systems and proven quantitative analysis applications from small targeted panels to extensive multi drug panels in a variety of matrices from urine, blood, oral fluid and hair.
Solutions For Confirming and Quantifying Illicit Drugs, Prescription Drugs, and Drug Metabolites Toxicology Screening Powerful solutions for both targeted and non-targeted screening for routine forensic toxicology screening applications.
Seized Drug Analysis Seized Drug Analysis Streamline your seized drug analysis and improve sample throughput with highly specific drug identification in real time.
Sample Preparation Solutions For Forensic Toxicology Sample Preparation for Forensic Toxicology A wide selection of HPLC and UPLC Columns, sample preparation devices, filtration products, certified vials, plates, certified containers, and accessories.