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More consistent method development. More efficient than ever.

As your pharmaceutical lab faces increasing regulatory and workflow demands, seeing everything in your sample more easily and effectively – and being confident in your results – is crucial.

Adding another ACQUITY QDa Detector to your lab that your team already knows and enjoys will help you scale your method development. You’ll be able to cover more projects and run more samples – making your team more productive.

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer!

Your Waters representative is offering a special one-time discount to current users of ACQUITY QDa Detectors who are ready to bring in more mass detection power. The discount applies to the purchase of one or more ACQUITY QDa Detectors by December 31, 2021. Learn more.

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Educations Subscriptions Increase Your Lab's Productivity

Waters Education Subscriptions help easily budget for training across a variety of modes - eLearning, remote instructor-led, on-site, or regional.
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Modernizing Aspirin App Note App Note: Modernizing Aspirin Using QDa/Fusion/Arc

Learn more about a MS-compatible method for aspirin API using a Fusion QbD method development software, run on the ACQUITY Arc System.
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Better Data QDa Video Better data. Better decisions.

With EMPOWER Software, UV data is combined with mass data to provide more information about the sample.
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FlexUP Technology Renewal Program FlexUP to Mass Detection

Ready to add mass detection data to your workflow but limited in financial resources? Our FlexUP program may be able to help.
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