Peptide Separations

Waters Peptide Analysis Solutions deliver unparalleled resolution and sensitivity in less time.

We considered every aspect of peptide analysis — from chemistries, instrumentation, standards, software and methodology to usability, documentation, application support and remote services — to create fit-for-purpose solutions for peptide analysis and peptide mapping. The results are better resolution of complex protein digests, exceptional glycopeptide resolution, and higher throughput.

Peptide Columns Reversed-phase, ion-exchange, hydrophilic-interaction, and size-exclusion chromatography modes for peptide separation applications ranging from the analysis and purification of synthetic peptides to the characterization of complex biotherapeutic proteins.
Peptide Standards & Kits Peptide, Phosphopeptide, and Protein Digest Standards are high-quality reference reagents that can help you develop and validate bioanalytical applications performed on UPLC, HPLC, or LC-MS instrumentation.

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