Sample Preparation and Consumables

Efficient And Cost Effective Sample Preparation For Improved Laboratory Performance

Cannabis is a complex mixture of chemicals, many of which are present in extremely low concentrations. Quantitative analysis of trace constituents such as cannabinoids (THC, CBN, CBD ), pesticides and other harmful constituents in cannabis flowers and concentrates requires sample cleanup prior to instrumental analysis. 

Waters Sample Preparation solutions for quantitative analysis make it easy to deliver a sample that is reproducible and yields high analyte recovery with reduced matrix interferences. The QuEChERS method has been demonstrated to be very effective for multi-residue analysis of pesticides and mycotoxins in a wide variety of food and agricultural products including Cannabis samples. 

Oasis Sample Extraction Products

Key Features/Benefits 

  • Wide selection of polymeric and silica based SPE sorbents
  • Greater capacity and excellent stability over entire pH range
  • Superior recovery, reproducibility, retention, and selectivity
  • Improve analytical performance and data quality

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Pesticide Analysis Using DisQuE (QuEChERS)

Key Features/Benefits 

  • Easy and straightforward methods that require little user training
  • Decrease in overall sample preparation time
  • Accommodates a wide variety of commodities
  • Improved lab efficiency and workflow

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Chromatographic Columns and Consumables

Key Features/Benefits 

  • Industry leading reliability and reproducibility
  • Wide range of general purpose and application specific columns
  • Uncompromised analytical performance

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