RapiGest SF Surfactant

An Enabling Tool for Protein Digestions

The patented RapiGest SF Surfactant is a reagent used to enhance enzymatic digestion of proteins, both in-gel and in-solution.  RapiGest SF helps solubilize proteins, making them more susceptible to enzymatic cleavage without inhibiting enzyme activity.

Unlike other commonly used denaturants, such as SDS or urea, RapiGest SF does not modify peptides or suppress protease activity. It is compatible with enzymes such as Trypsin, Lys-C, Asp-N, Glu-C, PNGaseF, and other enzymes.

  • Compatible for LC and MS analysis
  • Improves efficiency and speed of digestion
  • Degraded at low pH and removed from the sample
  • Simplifies preparation protocols and improves throughput of analysis

US Patent No: 7,229,539 and US 8,580,533


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