Pharmaceutical Operations

On the one hand, you have business goals. On the other hand, you have scientific and technology goals. Can they coexist and still allow for the successful production of pharmaceutical products? That’s the commercialization dilemma in a nutshell. For both innovator and generic pharmaceutical organizations, successful production of quality products must meet both goals. Meeting those requirements while containing expenditures is the goal, but is seldom the reality.

Waters helps you bring science, technology and business management together by establishing the framework for building a world-class pharmaceutical commercialization process. Waters' solutions portfolio features forward-thinking analytical techniques and quality-by-design approaches that offset costs, increase efficiencies, and maximize profitability.

  • Generic Pharmaceuticals — Convert Compendial HPLC methods to UPLC to make gains in productivity, efficiency, and time-to-market
  • Biosimilars — When you need robust characterization to prove that your follow-on biologic is "similar enough"
  • QC/QA — Optimized HPLC and UPLC analytical methods and informatics that support the QC and QA, and manufacturing processes
  • Natural Products and Traditional Medicines — Bring sophisticated UPLC and UPC2 solutions to ancient remedies and natural products