Mixed Mode for Released Glycans

Orthogonal Selectivity to HILIC Amide Columns

The separation of neutral-to-highly acidic released N-glycans by charge is valuable which quickly groups N-glycan species with different terminal residues and provides an understanding of the amount of sialyation and phosphorylation that is important for efficacy and safety of protein-based drugs. The Mixed-Mode C18 AX Chemistry Solution offers:

  • A reversed-phase/anion-exchange separation for supreme resolution
  • MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) Technology that reduces analyte surface interactions, thereby improving recovery, sensitivity, and reproducibility
  • MS-compatibility
  • Suitability for multiple labels
  • An easy-to-use MS-grade mobile-phase concentrate
  • RapiFluor-MS Sialylated Glycan Performance Test Standard for benchmarking
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