Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Imaging mass spectrometry is a technique that allows chemical information to be obtained directly or via the use of matrices from a wide range of surfaces. MS Imaging provides information on the spatial distribution of molecules at or near the surface. Imaging provides beautiful and information-rich images that allow scientists to answer the fundamental question: “Where is this component in my sample?”

FSMI Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging represents a combination of advanced Mass Spectrometry (MS) imaging technologies, designed to deliver high quality, comprehensive, spatially resolved molecular information across a variety of application areas.
DESI XS DESI XS DESI XS – A new DESI Imaging source designed to deliver improved build quality, reliability and simplicity with innovation in mind.
High Definition Imaging (HDI) Software Intuitively designed to simplify the mass spectral imaging workflow, this powerful software allows for full integration of multimodal imaging experiments for SYNAPT G2-Si and DESI imaging for Xevo G2-XS Mass Spectrometers in a single user interface.

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