Kairos Amino Acid Kit

Precise amino acid analysis in plasma and urine

Bring mass spectrometry detection to amino acid analysis with the new Kairos Amino Acid Kit. This LC-MS based kit, with its unmatched accuracy across all analytes, makes it easier than ever to get fast, precise results. The Kairos Amino Acid Kit, which can bring run times to under 10 minutes, is fully automated with manual options for physiological samples in both high-throughput (500+ samples) and lower-throughput (100+ samples) amino acid analysis. Built on AccQ•Tag reaction chemistry, this kit enables retesting of samples a breeze.

  • Unprecedented accuracy and precision
  • Quantitate 40+ amino acids in under 10 minutes
  • High- and low-throughput formats
  • Eliminates need for dedicated amino acid analyzer
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