High Pressure Components

Analytical 2-Prep Column Oven, high-pressure pumps, back pressure regulator (BPR), vessels, and view cells for supercritical fluid applications. 

Supercritical Fluid Bulk Delivery CO2 System From a common, low-pressure bulk supply or cryogenic dewar, the Bulk CO2 Delivery System (BDS 500 Gas Delivery System) enables the user to deliver high pressure CO2 flow rates without noisy pneumatic pumps.
Analytical–2–Prep Column Oven The Analytical-2-Prep Column Oven is engineered to manage both analytical and preparative HPLC and SFC columns.
Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) The automated Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) allows for controlled depressurization of the compounds of interest and CO2 for supercritical fluids systems.
High-Pressure CO2 Pumps The high-pressure Pumps are ideal for high pressure, supercritical CO2 and pulseless flow applications.
Finger-Tight Vessels and View Cells Finger-tight high-pressure vessels are designed for simple opening and closing with even distribution of the fluid contacting the sample, while the view cells allow you to observe process, reactions, and phase conditions under high pressure.

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