Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging

Combined imaging techniques yield comprehensive results

Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging combines and refines the best of several analytical techniques in a single instrument platform to better understand cellular function and physiology or monitor the distribution of drug compounds throughout a tissue or organism.

By integrating MALDI,™ DESI, and ion mobility mass spectrometry techniques and informatics workflows into a single system, Waters Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging systems provide a level of detail and molecular information that exceeds what is available from any single individual imaging technique.

  • Discover, identify and measure the spatial distribution of target molecules
  • Effectively study a wide range of large and small molecules
  • Perform Imaging studies without the need for labeled probes
  • Extract the maximum level of information from a single sample
  • Obtain definitive molecular distribution of key compounds

With Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging capabilities, new insights into the underlying mechanisms of cancer, cardiovascular and neuro-degenerative diseases can be found by measuring the trafficking of molecules in cells and tissues. In other studies, Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging can be used to identify different tissue types or differentiate diseased and normal based on their molecular composition.

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