Educational Tools

Educational Tools

Learn about the techniques and technologies of analytical sciences.

Beginner's Guide to UPLC
 An introduction to UPLC Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography. Learn how UPLC Technology works and how it can provide impactful results within an organization.
   Beginners Guide to Liquid Chromatography
 An introduction to high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and related topics explained for the beginner. The history, the why, the how, and more.
 Beginner's Guide to Convergence Chromatography
 The “Beginner's Guide to Convergence Chromatography”, is a 41-page book which introduces users to Convergence Chromatography and Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography
The Mass Spectrometry Primer
 An introduction to the fundamentals of mass spectrometry (MS), covering the history and topics related to practices, usage and capabilities.
Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) Optimization Guide
 Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) Optimization Guide Considerations for optimizing UPLC-based SEC protein separations and maximizing column lifetime.

SPE - Sample Enrichment and Purification using Solid-Phase Extraction
SPE - Sample Enrichment and Purification using Solid-Phase Extraction A primer on sample enrichment and purification using solid-phase extraction (SPE).

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How To Videos:

Best Practices: Preventing ContaminationHow To Videos for Preventing Contamination
Column VideosHow To Videos for Columns
Instrument VideosHow To Videos for Waters Instruments
Quality PartsHow To Videos for Waters Quality Parts
Software VideosHow To Videos for Waters Software
System VideosHow To Videos for Waters Systems

eLearning on Demand:

More than 100 courses available:

  • HPLC, UPLC®, and, LC-MS Systems (Theory, Operation, Maintenance)
  • Empower 3, MassLynx, Application Managers, and UNIFI
  • Small and Large Molecule Applications
  • Recertification exam for Waters SystemsQT™ Qualification Tool


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