Clinical Consumables and Automation

Transforming Data into Better Care

Clinical diagnostic laboratories would like to provide the widest range of clinical tests with the highest accuracy possible to help improve patient healthcare while minimizing technician intervention.  Waters sample preparation solutions, analytical columns, calibrators/controls*, and reagent kits* make it easy to achieve reproducible, accurate results while reducing time-consuming steps.

With Waters clinical consumables, you can:
• Remove matrix interference for accurate results with our portfolio of sample preparation products.
• Increase sample throughput and accuracy with ACQUITY UPLC IVD Columns.
• Minimize variability, improve traceability, and reduce manual steps with our automation solutions.
• Implement LC-MS/MS assays with ease with the MassTrak portfolio of calibrators/controls and ready-to-use reagent kits.*

*Not available for sale in all countries. For information on availability, please contact your local sales representative.
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ACQUITY UPLC Columns (IVD) Waters supplies a selection of ACQUITY UPLC columns for LC-MS/MS analysis in the clinical laboratory.
Laboratory Automation Lab automation is a critical part of streamlining LC & LC-MS workflows. Waters offers solutions that improve workflow efficiency, visit us today to learn how.
MassTrak Reagent Kit Solutions Our ever expanding MassTrak line of reagents is the solution for your clinical diagnostics laboratory.
Sample Preparation Products Proven sample preparation tools for your LC/MS and GC/MS analysis.