Compare Instrument Service Plans

 Basic Assurance Plan1
Control Costs
Performance Maintenance Plan
Maximize Uptime
Total Assurance Plan
High Performance
Premier Assurance Plan1
High Performance with Service History
Priority Onsite Support y  yGuaranteed
Telephone Support y y y y
Annual Performance Maintenance  y y y
Waters Quality PartsRepair Parts2 Performance Maintenance Kit and
discount for other parts
 y y
Labor and Travel Repair Calls2 Performance Maintenance Visit and
discount for other calls
 y y
Additional Performance Maintenance and Ion Source Cleaning  OptionalOptional
Connections INSIGHTOptionalOptional y y
Discount Hardware Upgrades   y y
Firmware Updates  y y y
Discounted Customer Education   y y
Service History Tracking    y

1Where available.  Contact your local Waters office for details.

2 Excludes all maintenance parts and the labor to install them.