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The ability to reproducibly generate high quality peptide separations is of critical importance in proteomics research as well as for the characterization of biopharmaceuticals via peptide mapping.  Waters Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) and Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH™) technologies provide stable and reproducible peptide separations. They are available in a wide range of particle, pore and column sizes for analytical and lab-scale purifications. Waters separation technologies provide narrow, symmetrical peaks for best resolution and successfully separate a wide range of peptides: large and small, acidic and basic, hydrophobic and hydrophilic.

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Peptide Ion-Exchange Columns Ion-exchange chromatography separates peptides based on charge differences and is used when a different / orthogonal separation mechanism is desired vs the more traditional use of reversed-phase chromatography.
Peptide Reversed-Phase Columns Reversed-phase chromatography using ion-pairing reagents such as TFA and formic acid can deliver highly resolved separations of complex peptide mixtures whose sequences may differ by a single amino acid.
Peptide SEC Columns Size exclusion, also known as gel filtration, chromatography separates peptides based on their sizes (hydrodynamic radii) in solution and not by absolute molecular weight with larger sized species eluting before smaller peptides.
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