Clinical Research

Power of LC-MS/MS

The use of LC-MS/MS in clinical and biomedical research applications has rapidly expanded in recent years due to the inherent selectivity, sensitivity, flexibility, and multi-component capability of the technology. Innovative Waters UPLC, user-friendly high performance mass spectrometers and software, along with reagents and robust assays are now enabling laboratories to solve challenging clinical and biomedical research problems more thoroughly and efficiently than previously possible.

Some examples of applications benefitting from LC-MS/MS include: 

  •  Drug monitoring/efficacy
  •  Vitamin D metabolites
  •  Steroids
  •  Biogenic amines

  •  Bile acids
  •  Lipids
  •  Peptide hormones
  •  Proteins

Analytical Performance

Waters LC-MS/MS solutions deliver the reproducibility, selectivity, and sensitivity that you require, which is often unattainable with immunoassays. For a partner with extensive experience developing proven LC-MS/MS solutions used in the biomedical research space, Waters can help you find the answers to key biological questions.

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