Chromatography and LC-MS Systems

Choose the right solution for your analysis.

Data is paramount in scientific research as evidence-based questions escalate. Answers require accurate measurements for precise results to obtain the data to make informed decisions.

Scientists across many industries rely on Waters LC and LC-MS platforms to identify and understand chemical components that help answer their important questions: Is the product safe? Can the disease be understood? Can I meet my regulatory requirements?

With Waters as your measurement partner, you’re sure to get the tailored solution you need to achieve your workflow and analysis requirements. Find out more about our Dependability, Flexibility, Performance, Specialty, and Purification LC solutions that are purpose-built for your priorities.

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Dependability Flexibility Performance Specialty Purification
Arc HPLC System
Arc Premier System    
Accurate analysis
for all.
Adaptable to your sample complexity. The very best in chromatography. Specialized solutions
for your unique needs.
A wide range of scale
and throughput capabilities.

Experts in partnership

To ensure the efficiency, defensibility, and clarity of your decisions, count on Waters.

We're helping you discover new ways of overcoming your operational and data challenges with holistic chromatography solutions tailored to address your complex inquiries and business needs. Rely on us for high quality LC and LC-MS data and expert support as you answer your important questions with confidence.

In your busy lab, it’s critical to answer today’s questions while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. Waters’ chromatography solutions provide the quality data you need whenever and wherever you operate, all through a connected separations science portfolio. With Waters as your partner, together we can formulate the ideal analytical strategy to take your science to the next level – because when your lab is at peak performance, the world benefits.

Join tens of thousands of chromatography champions worldwide who rely on Waters. With unrivaled chromatographic fidelity and informatics software, and the newest system and column chemistry innovations, coupled with Waters world-class technical and application support, you’ll stay competitive and productive – so you’re ready to tackle all of your biggest questions.

Performance that instills confidence

Usability: Exceptional results from a simple experience

Get the uncomplicated user experience you expect with our informatics platforms, whether that’s on a liquid chromatography (LC) system with optical detection for routine analysis or a triple quad mass spectrometer (MS) for trace level analysis.

Scalability: Harness your growth and scale

Scale to meet your needs while minimizing the time from sample to result across LC configurations, columns and consumables, informatics, and solvents.

Transferability: Your methods, where you need them

As you develop, migrate, or transfer your longstanding LC methods, rely on Waters to keep them fit for purpose as they move from research to development to everyday use.

Supportability: See opportunities, not challenges

With the extensive Waters portfolio of instruments, services, and support, your lab can be more productive than ever – and stay that way, too.

Choose the right solution for your analysis

LC Portfolio Brochure Chromatography and LC-MS Solutions Brochure

Waters has the LC and LC-MS solutions to answer your lab's most important questions. Find the right solution to meet your specific needs.
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