Chromatography System Solutions

Specialized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Tailoring your chromatographic requirements is easy with our fit-for-purpose solutions that effectively address your application-specific workflows, analyses in complex matrices, and production environment operating constraints. We help you meet the demands of your laboratory by removing chromatographic complexity and improving productivity.

  • Address your requirements with systems designed for a specific type of chromatography
  • Turnkey system/method/chemistry kit solution for specific applications
  • Achieve more confidence in decisions about your product and a greater understanding of the efficiency and quality of your process using process analytical technology (PAT)
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Analytical SFC

ACQUITY UPC2 System: The Ease of Reversed Phase Meets the Power of Normal Phase

Built on proven UPLC technology to address routine and complex separation challenges while delivering reliability, robustness, sensitivity, and throughput never before possible.

Process Analytical

PATROL UPLC Process Analysis System: Better understand your PROCESS, Better understand your PRODUCT

Bring chromatographic analysis to process analytical technology (PAT). This real-time UPLC system is ready-built for manufacturing environments and is able to detect and quantify complex multiple component samples and final product.

Polymer Analysis

ACQUITY APC System: The Next Era in Polymer Separation

Breakthrough technology for high-resolution characterization of polymers. Delivers more information about your polymers faster than ever.

Multidimensional Chromatography

ACQUITY UPLC/UHPLC Systems with 2D LC Technology: Lowest Dispersion for Maximum Peak Capacity

Multidimensional applications are now simple to use, easy to implement, and compatible with a wide range of chemistries for improved resolution, sensitivity, and productivity.

ACQUITY Arc MDLC System with 2D Technology: Multi-dimensional Technology for HPLC Separations

Highly repeatable and accurate multi-dimensional HPLC separation performance for complex samples. Achieve speed, sensitivity, and excellent resolution with simple configurations by performing successful heart cutting MDLC analysis.

Application Solutions

UPLC Amino Acid Analysis Solution: Remove the Barriers to Amino Acid Identification

A comprehensive package that combines instrumentation, chemistries, reagents, and performance-qualified methods for turnkey application success.

Beverage Analysis Kit: A Simplified Solution for Quantitating Soft Drink Additives

A comprehensive, easy-to-use kit for rapid quantitation of 6 commonly used additives (acesulfame-K, saccharin, caffeine, benzoate, sorbate, and aspartame) in soft drink formulations.

From your date of purchase and throughout the lifecycle of your LC instrument, your Waters team helps improve the performance of your laboratory, lower your total cost of ownership, and meet your evolving testing requirements.

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