Arc HPLC System

Accurate analysis for all

Ever-evolving regulations are impacting LC method approaches for product quality control and beyond. Count on the Arc HPLC System for high-efficiency separations and quality data to help meet your regulatory requirements with confidence. With the Arc HPLC, you can easily replicate and improve the performance of existing LC methods without compromising data quality, eliminating the burdens of older, less efficient LC systems for routine use.

Rugged and dependable, Arc HPLC delivers the ideal balance of performance and value for right-the-first-time analysis and trusted test results:

  • Enhance performance without redeveloping your method
  • Run methods with greater robustness over traditional HPLCs
  • Easily replicate, adjust, and enhance existing HPLC methods with low analyte carryover, high injection precision, and high back pressure tolerance
  • Seamlessly receive transferred methods from other HPLC platforms, preserving analyte retention time and reproducibility of your analysis
  • Support compliance with Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS), the gold standard, compliant-ready software that facilitates data review, eliminates burdensome compliance documentation, and improves the overall quality of laboratory data

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