Flexible Analytical LC Systems

Conduct your everyday and challenging analysis with confidence

Obtain efficient, reliable, and defensible answers to your most critical questions. Our HPLC and entry-level UHPLC platforms systems match your need for flexibility and deployability for easy method development, reliable method transfer, and uncomplicated routine analyses.

  • Perform your legacy methods while also modernizing with increased chromatographic performance

  • Flexibly adapt to your sample complexity needs with the chromatographic performance and ruggedness to perform simple and complex analysis

  • Seamlessly develop and transfer methods with the configurability, customizability, adaptability, and versatility you need

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Arc Premier System

Arc Premier System: See clearly and consistently, with confidence

Future-proof your lab for next generation compound analysis and method transfer. Be ready with the Arc Premier System and MaxPeak HPS Technology to sharpen peaks for metal-sensitive compounds and gain higher data quality with reproducibility and precision.

ACQUITY Arc System

ACQUITY Arc: Modernize Your Methods

Your choice for modernizing your method and improving your separations consistency and quality. The ACQUITY Arc System gives you seamless method transfer deployment capability for HPLC and UHPLC separations. Replicate your established methods, simplify your daily set-up, and develop methods that reliably stand the test of time.

Both systems are compliance-ready with Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS) and easily integrate at any scale, from stand-alone to enterprise-wide.

From your date of purchase and throughout the lifecycle of your LC instrument, your Waters team helps improve the performance of your laboratory, lower your total cost of ownership, and meet your evolving testing requirements.

Learn more about the Waters FlexUP Technology Renewal Program.

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Waters has the LC and LC-MS solutions to answer your lab's most important questions. Find the right solution to meet your specific needs.
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