Amino Acid Analysis Standards & Kits

AccQ•Tag Ultra, AccQ•Tag, and Pico•Tag Sample Preparation for Accurate Amino Acid Composition Analysis

AccQTag Ultra, AccQ•Tag and Pico•Tag chemistries are the first step in enabling your laboratory to obtain accurate amino acid composition from protein/peptide hydrolysates, physiologic fluids, feeds, foods, pharmaceutical preparations, and many other sample matrices.  Combined with traditional HPLC, UHPLC, or the Waters ACQUITY UPLC, you can now have a system that is customized to separate amino acids from protein hydrolysates, cell culture media, and food/feed samples to get enhanced resolution.  The end result is reliability with precise qualitative and quantitative results.

AccQTag Ultra, AccQ•Tag and Pico•Tag chemistry kits include:

  • Pre-column derivatization reagents
  • Dedicated reversed-phase columns QC tested for amino acid analysis
  • Eluents and standards
  • Documentation on methods for the analysis of these important biocompounds
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