Terms and Conditions of Sales - Norway

§l - Terms of Delivery
Delivery is in accordance with Incoterms CIP.
The specified delivery time is from receipt of the written order. The final delivery date will be confirmed after clearance of all details regarding the formal order and the installation requirements. Waters retain the right to substitute any item with one of equal or greater performance without notice.
Every instrument module is delivered with an instruction manual and start-up kit, including required parts and supplies for installation and startup.

§2- Terms of Payment
Standard payment is 30 days net.
Penalty interest is official discount rate per .Lov om renter ved forsinket betaling. by 17. December 1976, #100. A fee will be charged when dunning letter is sent out.
Service plans are invoiced separately when the instrument is installed.

§3- Installation
Prices include installation on a prepared site as detailed in our Pre-Installation Requirements Guide. Installation will commence after written confirmation by the purchaser that the site has been prepared to specification. Any additional costs incurred by Waters through inadequate provision of necessary site services will be charged to the purchaser. The Waters engineer will perform a series of performance tests during the installation period.
On completion of installation an lnstallation Certificate. will be signed by the Waters engineer and the purchaser’s authorized representative. At this time, the manufacturer’s warranty will commence and the system will then be made available for the running of customer samples.

§4- Training
During installation of the instrument, the engineer will cover basic training in the operational aspects of the instrument. For a detailed technical training in instrument operation we recommend the purchaser to attend one of our regular training courses held at Waters.
The classroom or face to face training included in this quotation is valid within a year of installation and of course you will also continue to enjoy access to our on-line resources for the life of your instrument
Waters regularly hold theoretical and practical service- and user training for LC and MS. If there is a demand we will be happy to arrange courses in your work environment.

§5- Telephone-support
Available for all Waters products, working days 08.30 and 16.00.

§6- Service
Service and maintenance from Waters service department will be executed from Oslo and Stockholm, normally performed within three working days


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