Discovery and Visualization

Whether it's top-down or bottom-up analyses; targeted or untargeted studies; structural work to identify and confirm metabolites; or spatial localization of metabolites in biological tissues, Waters' state-of-the-art LC/MS systems, and informatics solutions tie together systems, information, and scientists to help you uncover insights earlier than ever before.

LC/MS studies continue to catalyze profound changes in our understanding of biology. It's no longer possible to fully understand biological systems by studying their parts; now systems biology has merged these once disparate data streams to gain a holistic understanding of complex organisms and disease states — and the opportunity to design broad-spectrum or targeted therapies.

Targeted Omics Method Library TOML delivers a wide variety of targeted LC-MS/MS methods. Packages include an application note, experimental method files, and a list of stable-isotope labeled standards.
DESI - MS Imaging for Biomedical Research DESI is a soft ionization technique performed under ambient environmental conditions and requires little to no sample preparation.
Metabolomics & Lipidomics For metabolic profiling applications, the applications use multivariate statistical methods to highlight compounds of interest, whether analyses use UPLC or GC with MS detection.
Proteomics Waters proteomics solutions and expertise are leading resources for proteomics discovery research. Our MS-based systems maximize efficiency and provide unique tools for protein discovery, characterization, quantification, and validation.
SONAR for Omics For busy laboratories that need to get the answer right the first time, with efficient workflows, SONAR offers new possibilities, with an acquisition mode that collects MS/MS results from a Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) experiment.
Progenesis QI Software The next generation in LS/MS data analysis. Accurately quantify, identify, and confidently analyze complex LC-MS data supporting ‘omics research. Generate reliable results that are reproducible across labs.
Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Biomedical Research Discover the possibilities of the powerful analytical and label free detection capabilities of MS to perform molecular imaging studies able to measure the distribution of molecules in tissues for many important applications in clinical research.