Smarter Mass Analysis for Biopharma

Simplified High Performance LC-MS
Smart technologies are making our lives easier, they reduce complexity and make human interactions more intuitive. Smart technology has simplified high performance LC-MS for routine analysis.

What is SmartMS?
SmartMSTM refers to a unique and comprehensive set of features within The BioAccord System that makes sophisticated mass analysis techniques accessible to a much broader base of scientists and technicians.  It ensures the system delivers consistently high-quality data for users with a wide range of LC-MS experience.

Read on to find out how SmartMS can help your organization.

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Reduce Training and Improve Productivity
Intuitive software provides functionality for automated setup and calibration, allowing users with different levels of experience to quickly perform system set-up without relying upon dedicated expert MS users. Set-up and calibration are activated via a single-click in the software to reduce complexity and drive consistency across users.

Enhance Uptime and Speed Up Decision Making
SmartMS supports routine analysis with a simplified MS method and instrument interface. Users can clearly see and understand the status and method information, leading to fewer errors and delays.

The system continually self-monitors performance to ensure quality data and confidence in results. If an issue does occur, the Health System within the software automatically displays targeted step-by-step troubleshooting. When all users can follow the guidance and make decisions, time to result availability is reduced.


One Button Start-up
One button to start up and shutdown, eliminating multi-step procedures that require expert users. This automated set up provides a whole new user experience, simplifying operation so you get more done.