Instruments and Systems

Whether you’re new to separation science or exploring the next advancements in chromatography and mass spectrometry, Waters offers you an ever-expanding portfolio of application-specific, tailored system solutions encompassing UPLC, HPLC, informatics, services and world-leading mass spectrometers and detectors to push the boundaries of science and help you accomplish your goals – today and in the future.

Chromatography and LC-MS Systems Scientists across many industries rely on Waters LC and LC-MS platforms to identify and understand chemical components that help answer their important questions.
Mass Spectrometry Mass spectrometry instrumentation from Waters enables you to separate compounds by mass, charge, shape, and size. These world-class instruments allow for structural elucidation of proteins and peptides – with confidence and reproducibility.
Integrated Solutions Waters has integrated and scalable, fit-for-purpose solutions to help you overcome your operational and data challenges with ease.
Purification Solutions and Preparative Chromatography From HPLC to the newest Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) innovations, Waters purification systems are designed to grow and adapt to your needs.
Informatics & Software Powerful software solutions for scientific data management, network integration, and compliance management.
FlexCHOICE Instrument Service Coverage Waters offers a range of service coverages that meet your needs and protect your investment. Only Waters can provide the quality of support that ensures that your Waters system will operate with optimum productivity and meet compliance requirements.