TruView LCMS Certified Vials

TruView autosampler vials minimize sample loss for MS, LC, and GC

For liquid and gass chromatography and mass spec applications with sample concentration of ≤1 ng/mL, TruView LCMS Certified Vials are the best choice for scientists, combining neutral glass for low adsorption of small molecules with very few background masses detected by MS. Each vial is performance tested and validated using ACQUITY UPLC-MS/MS, even more demanding than UHPLC-MS/MS.

  • Lowest adsorption of any glass autosampler vial
  • Only vial tested with ACQUITY UPLC-MS/MS
  • Compatible with any autosampler
  • Ideal for MS applications
  • Four-step certification process
  • Available in clear and amber glass vials
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