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Innovative features for impressive results. Our design philosophy of Engineered Simplicity is the combination of highest performance with system versatility and simplicity of operation. Guaranteeing maximum system performance and usability to ensure your success.

Smarter Mass Analysis for Biopharma Learn aboout SmartMS and how it simplifies complex mass analysis techniques! Get the information and equipment you need to keep your lab going.
SONAR SONAR For laboratories requiring quantitation and identification from a single injection SONAR provides new possibilities with clean MS/MS data from a DIA experiment at UPLC speeds.
QuanTof QuanTof technology delivers UPLC compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range and quantitative results even when analyzing the most complex samples.
RADAR RADAR is a simple acquisition mode that acquires both MRM and full scan MS simultaneously, a unique capability that can both simplify and accelerate development of robust methods.
T-Wave Devices T-Wave devices enable ions to be contained, moved, focused, trapped, sequentially released according to m/z, and separated based on gas-phase mobility.

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