Reviewing Data Electronically with Empower Software

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735.00 USD

In this course the user will investigate data, view changes and view all audit trail information to examine the final results. It is important to view the electronic record including its raw data channel rather than referring to the printed report. The user will also learn how to view an Empower report, determine what information is missing, what needs to be verified when reviewing an electronic data record and how to define what an electronic record is. If you are in a regulated environment the hard copy reports are references to your electronic records which are stored in Empower. It is up to your organization to determine what information must be reviewed and or verified for approvals.


Virtual Classroom – In the virtual classroom experience each user will be invited into a Microsoft Teams Meeting and ReadyTech Event session.  In the Teams Meeting the students will be able to speak with the instructor and other students and watch as the instructor provides live software demonstrations.  In the ReadyTech platform the students will access their own virtual Empower or Nugenesis workstations, where they will be able to follow along with the instructor and simultaneously interact with the software.  The instructor can monitor progress on the student ReadyTech desktop and take control of the student session as necessary.  Invitations to both forums will be sent prior to the start of the class.  An internet connection and a computer system are required for this course.  The Teams and ReadyTech platforms are accessed through internet browser windows.


An Electronic course manual is included in the price of course.   Hard Copy course manuals are available for an additional charge.   See course notes for details.