Waters made a conscious decision to invest in particle synthesis technology and moved to becoming a primary manufacturer of chromatographic particles. The ability to synthesis our own materials brought several significant advantages:

  • Complete traceability from final product to raw materials
  • Vastly improved reproducibility of final product batch-to-batch and year-to-year
  • Flexibility to develop and introduce innovative particle technologies to support an increasing demand for new separation solutions.

BEH (Ethylene Bridged Hybrid) Technology BEH Technology particles offer excellent peak shape and efficiency for basic analytes, a rational array of chromatographic selecivity and improvements in chemical stability at mobile phase extremes, particularly dramatic at elevated pH.
CSH (Charged Surface Hybrid) Technology CSH particles incorporate a low level surface charge, designed to improve sample loadability and peak asymmetry in low-ionic-strength mobile phases, while maintaining the mechanical and chemical stability inherent in BEH particle technology.
HSS (High Strength Silica) Technology Silica particles designed for high mechancial stability and appropriate morphology necessary to provide long column lifetimes and UPLC efficiencies at high pressures.
OBD-Technologie (Optimum Bed Density) Das innovative Produktionsverfahren kombiniert die Einflüsse der Hardware, Partikeleigenschaften und Packungsdichten. Das Ergebnis sind Säulen mit ausgezeichneter Stabilität, hervorragender