ACQUITY Column In-Line Filter Kit 205000343

SKU: 205000343
Kit, ACQUITY Column In-Line Filter

Product Description

Waters recommends you filter buffers and samples using a 0.2µm filter prior to analysis. Filtration protects the column and instrument components from a build-up of particulate matter, improving column lifetime and minimizing system downtime. The ACQUITY Column In-line filter kit comes complete with the holder and five 0.2µm stainless steel replacement filters. You can order a package of five replacement filters using Part Number 700002775 which will work with the in-line filter kit. The ACQUITY Column In-line filters are designed to work with Waters stainless steel columns that are packed with smaller particles; ACQUITY Column In-line filters are not designed to work with PREMIER columns.




  • Brand

    Waters Quality Parts

  • Product Type

    Spare Parts Kits

  • Units per Package

    1 pk

  • Type

    Filter - Solvent

  • System


  • Replacement Schedule

    As Required

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