SKU: 186008947
BioResolve RP mAb Polyphenyl VanGuard Cartridge, 450Å, 2.7 µm, 3.9 mm X 5 mm, 3/pk

Product Description

BioResolve RP mAb Columns contain 2.7-μm superficially-porous-silica particles having an average pore diameter of 450Å. The particles are functionalized with a proprietary polyphenyl bonding process that was specifically designed for LC or LC-MS analyses of intact IgG monoclonal antibodies and their fragments.  This Part Number contains (3) VanGuard Cartridges.  

Note:  The VanGuard Universal Cartridge Holder (P/N 186007949) is required for use with these replaceable cartridges.  PN 176004161 contains (3), 3.9 x 5mm VanGuard Cartridges as well as an included VanGuard Universal Cartridge Holder (P/N 186007949).


  • Product Type


  • Particle Size

    2.7 µm

  • Pore Size

    450 Å

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