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96-well Sample Collection Plate, 700 µL Round well, 25/pk

96-well Sample Collection Plates | 186005837

Product Description

96-well sample collection plate with 700 µL Round well. This plate is SBS/ANSI compliant for robot compatible systems. This plate can also serve as a collection plate for 96-well SPE and filtration-plate formats.




  • Application

    Sample Preparation

  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    25 pk

  • Number of Wells


  • Bottom Shape


  • Well Shape


  • Well Volume

    700 µL

  • Material


  • Format

    96-Well Plate

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96-well Sample Collection Plate, 700 µL Round well, 25/pk

Designed to be used with autosamplers, the 96-well Sample Collection Plate is manufactured using polypropylene and made to ensure there is no chemical reaction while you store your analytes in the lab equipment. The 96-well Sample Collection Plate is SBS/ASI-compliant for robot-compatible systems. Additionally, the plate has round wells and can also be used as collection plates for 96-well SPE and filtration plate formats.

For ease of operation and analysis, the 96-well Sample Collection Plate can be centrifuged to a defined centrifugal force. This particular product can tolerate a maximum centrifugal force of 5000g. However, caution should be exercised while centrifuging the lab equipment as the slightest negligence can deform the plate. A deformed plate can cause significant damage as it can result in the instrument giving errors and shutting down.

The 96-well Sample Collection Plate offers the ideal protection for samples and analytes when used with a sealant. It makes sure that the collected samples remain contaminant-free and do not deteriorate due to temperature fluctuation. You can store your samples, solutions, and analytes in the 96-well Sample Collection Plate without the worry of any accidental spillage that may bring about damage. This is because the sealant offers protection from organic solvents.

The 96-well Sample Collection Plate forms a critical piece of lab equipment in the ACQUITY UPLC System as it helps to attain improved resolution, sensitivity, and throughput that chromatographers expect with the system. To deliver analysis at higher efficiencies with a much wider range of flow rates and back pressures, as well as increased throughput results with superior resolution and sensitivity, implement the ACQUITY UPLC System. The system is designed to reduce time and cost per sample while still improving the quality of results.

The listing here includes 96 round wells with 800 µL capacity. Each package contains 50 plates. Plates are also available in other sizes, to meet your analytical needs. To find out the complete range, browse through our website that enables you to shop for lab equipment. The 96-well Sample Collection Plate is best used in conjunction with Waters cap mats, heat seals, adhesive seals, and glass inserts where necessary. Learn more about the Polypropylene Cap Mat Round Well for 96-well Plate, 50/pk.

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