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96-well Sample Collection Plate, 2 mL Square well, 50/pk

96-well Sample Collection Plates | 2 mL Square well | 186002482

Product Description

96-well sample collection plate with 2mL Square well. This plate is SBS/ANSI compliant for robot compatible systems. This plate can also serve as a collection plate for 96-well SPE and filtration-plate formats.




  • Application

    Sample Preparation

  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    50 pk

  • Number of Wells


  • Bottom Shape


  • Well Shape


  • Well Volume

    2 mL

  • Material


  • Format

    96-Well Plate

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To determine the void volume of a system, inject an unretained standard (Uracil in RP-HPLC) that has no or very little retention on a particular phase. The extra column dead volume of your specific system configuration and set-up may result in slight variations in this value. To get the actual void volume of the system and column, multiply the elution time of the unretained compound by the flow rate. To determine the column void volume only subtract the system void volume determined without the column attached.

96-well Sample Collection Plate, 2 mL Square well, 50/pk

The 96-well Sample Collection Plates are designed to be used with autosamplers. Made to ensure there is no chemical reaction, the 96-well Sample Collection Plate is manufactured using polypropylene and is SBS/ASI-compliant for robot compatible systems. The 96-well sample collection plates have square wells and can also be used as collection plates for 96-well SPE and filtration plate formats.

The 96-well Sample Collection Plate can be centrifuged to a defined centrifugal force. The maximum centrifugal force for this particular product is 5000g. Care should be exercised while centrifuging the lab equipment as slight neglect can deform the plate. A deformed plate can cause significant damage as it can result in the instrument giving errors and shutting down.

Used with a sealant, the 96-well Sample Collection Plate offers the ideal protection for samples and analytes, ensuring the collected samples remain contaminant-free and do not deteriorate due to temperature fluctuation. As the sealant also offers protection from organic solvents, the samples can be stored without the worry of any accidental spillage that may bring about damage.

You may also be interested in this Adhesive Seal for 96-well and 384-well Plates, 100/pk. The adhesive seal for 96-well Plates is a polyolefin film with a synthetic rubber adhesive that is ideal for protein and peptide customers with samples in buffers. The film can be used between -80 to 80 °C and requires no heat sealing equipment to apply. It is sure to improve productivity in your lab by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

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