SKU: 186000855DV
96-well Plate with Deactivated 1 mL Glass Inserts, 18/pk

96-well Plate | 1ml | Deactivated Glass Inserts | 186000855dv

Product Description

96-well sample collection plate, fitted with a deactivated 1 mL glass insert, for use in autosamplers. The deactivated glass has a silanized surface to prevent adsorption of highly polar molecules. This plate is SBS/ANSI compliant for robot compatible systems. This plate can also serve as a collection plate for 96-well SPE and filtration-plate formats. The collection plate is made of polypropylene, for chemical resistance.




  • Application

    Sample Preparation

  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    18 pk

  • Number of Wells


  • Material

    Plate with glass insert

  • Format

    96-Well Plate

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