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TQD/Q-Premier/XE/Q-Micro Qualification Standards Test Kit

Product Description

Mass Spectrometry standards kit for system assessment.
10 Component Kit
1. Set-up Solution QP PPG 10002.5 ng/uL, Triacetyl-B-cyclodextrin 5.0 ng/ul, Verapamil 100.0 pg/ul, Leucine Enkaphalin 1.0 ng/ul, Ammonium Acetate 0.31 mg/ml in 1:1 Aceto/water 15mL brown Nalgene
2. 1 x 10 ml ESI Resolution: PPG 2000 Solution 1.0 ug/ul Ammonium Acetate 10.2 mg/ml in Acetonitrile/Water (1:1 V/V) 15mL clear Nalgene
3. 3. 1 x 10ml ESI Mass Measurement Accuracy: PEG 1000 Solution 100.0 ng/ul Ammonium Acetate 0.17 mg/ml in Acetonitrile/Water (1:1 V/V) 15mL clear Nalgene 4. 1 x 5mg ESI Sensitivity Reserpine: 5mg solid resperpine in 4mL amber screw Top vial
5. 1 X 10mg ESI Sensitvitiy Raffinose: 10mg solid Raffinose in 4mL Screw Top Vial
6.1 x 10 mg Ion Sabre APCI Sensitivity: 10mg solid 7-alphahydroxyprogesterone in 4 ml Amber Screw Top Vial
7. 1 x 50 mg ESI Sensitivity Chloramphenicol: 50 mg solid Chloramphenicol Solid in 8mL amber screw Top Vial
8. 1 X 10mL API Calibration Solution: Sodium Iodide 2ug/uL, Cesium Iodide 50ng/uL in IPA/Water (1:1V/V) in 15 mL Clear Nalgene Bottle
9. 1 x 5mg ESCi Switch/Sensitivity: 5mg solid Sulfadimethoxine Solid in 4mL amber screw top vial
10. X 15mL API Set Up Solution Reserpine 2ng/uL, PPG 1000 25ug/uL, Triacetyl-B-cyclodextran 50ng/uL in Acetonitrile/4mM Ammonium Acetate (50:50) in 15mL Clear Nalgene Bottle
11. Solution Prep Document 715000966
Certificate of Analysis


  • Application

    System Performance

  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    1 pk

  • Separation Mode

    Reversed Phase

  • Detection Method


  • Formulation

    Liquid, Solid

  • Storage

    Room Temperature

  • System Type


  • Shelf Life

    12 Months

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  • Type


Hazaradous Material This product contains hazardous material which requires special freight handling. Additional charges may apply.

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