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Quad LCMS QC reference Material

Quad LCMS QC reference Material | 186007362

Product Description

Quad LCMS QC Reference Material A quality control reference material intended to be used to benchmark and assess the performance of your UPLC system including a single or triple quad mass spectrometer. Kit contains 1 mL of a 8 component mix including 100ug/mL Acetaminophen, 50ug/mL Sulfaguanidine, 10 ug/mL Sulfadimethoxine, 25 ug/mL Val,-Tyr,-Val, 6 ug/mL Verapamil, 6 ug/mL Terfenadine, 25 ug/mL Leucine Enkephalin, and 18 ug/mL Reserpine in 19/81 Acetonitrile/water 0.008% formic acid.




Hazardous Material This product contains hazardous material which requires special freight handling. Additional charges may apply.
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