SKU: 205015017
Flowcell, ACQUITY UPLC PDA, Analytical, with ID

Product Description

The ACQUITY UPLC Analytical Flowcell with Intelligent Chip Technology can be used in older detectors but the chip technology feature will not work with those older modules. Newer ACQUITY PDA models with serial number E10UPD761N or E10UPD761A or newer ACQUITY eLambda PDA Models with serial number F10UPD571N or F10UPD571A will have the chip technology feature working in the detectors. THis is the analytical flow cell for the ACQUITY PDA detector.




  • Brand

    Waters Quality Parts

  • Product Type

    Spare Parts Kits

  • Units per Package

    1 pk

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  • System


  • Replacement Schedule

    As Required

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