SKU: WAT051910
Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge, 360 mg Sorbent per Cartridge, 55-105 µm, 50/pk

Sep-Pak® C18 Classic Cartridges | WAT051910

Product Description

Silica-based bonded phase with strong hydrophobicity; used to adsorb analytes of even weak hydrophobicity from aqueous solutions; typical applications include drugs and their metabolites in serum, plasma or urine, desalting of peptides, trace organics in environmental water samples, organic acids in beverages; similar in behavior to reversed-phase HPLC columns.




  • Brand


  • Product Type

    Solid Phase Extraction

  • Units per Package

    50 pk

  • Chemistry


  • Endcapped


  • Format

    Classic Cartridge

  • Mass Spec Compatibility


  • Mode

    Reversed Phase

  • Particle Size

    55-105 µm

  • Pore Size

    125 Å

  • Sorbent Substrate


  • Sorbent Weight

    360 mg

  • Water Wettable


  • pH Range Min

    2 pH

  • pH Range Max

    8 pH

  • Hold up volume

    0.85 mL

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How Is Enrichment Achieved In Sample Components Present In Low Concentration?

Several steps can be taken to enrich sample components present in low concentration. You can tailor the gradient steps to elute analytes selectively. Another effective method is to use "large" sample volumes in adsorption-promoting solvent. In a desorption-promoting solvent, use "small" collection volume. Use sorbent chemistry tailored to the analyte, independent of that in the analytical column. The chemistry of the solid-phase extraction column should be carefully chosen so no further sample prep is required.

Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge, 360 mg Sorbent per Cartridge, 55 - 105 µm, 50/pk

Use the Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge to extract your solvents, solutions, and samples with ease and conveniently transfer them, without worrying about spillage or sample loss due to evaporation. The Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge is the ideal lab equipment as it is a precision chromatographic tool for sample enrichment and purification.

The Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge contains the highest quality packings that have been designed and made specifically for sample preparation. The packings are clean, dry, reproducible in activity and capacity. The packing of the Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge also offers optimal surface area, pore-size, particle-size distributions.

You can use the Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge with the certainty that its product integrity is maintained. This is because the lab equipment is sealed in a specially designed, non-contaminating poly-foil pouch that maintains product integrity, packing inactivity, and purity until the package is opened.

The Sep-Pak C18 Classic Cartridge utilizes a blend of HD and UHMW polyethylenes for the 20 µm frit in the design. The frit gives excellent solvent resistance, very low extractable levels, and good flow properties. It also performs the function of a depth filter that retains small amounts of sample debris.

You may also be interested in the Long Needle Valve for Sep-Pak Device Vacuum Manifold, 20/pk. The vacuum manifold makes it possible for the processing of multiple samples at the same time. The manifold is easy to use and allows steady extraction and filtration.

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