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Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor

Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor | 186006961




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    1 pk

  • Format

    96 Well Plate

  • Operation Requrements

    Nitrogen Gas

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How Should The Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor Be Cleaned?

To clean the 96-place sealing gasket, use a soft cloth that has been dampened with menthol on the silicone rubber sealing gasket. It should be stored at 4 degrees C, with a shelf life of 6 months from the original shipping date. In order to clean the device’s exterior, use a soft cloth that has been dampened with water on the outside of the processor. When cleaning the device, always use hand and eye protection. Never apply water directly to the device on any surface- always apply to a cloth and then clean the device with the cloth.

Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor

For 96-well and 1 cc flangeless cartridge formats, the Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor offers state-of-the-art operation. Each of the 96 holes in the processor is restricted in order to maintain constant pressure, even when not all 96 of the well positions are filled. Compared to traditional vacuum manifold processing, this allows for improved flows, reproducibility, and ease of use across lab equipment and laboratories.

Unlike many other 96-well vacuum manifolds, the Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor is self-adjusting to various plate heights, meaning it can accommodate all 96-well plate formats, including modular and integrated, without the need for additional gaskets. Additionally, the processor provides the means to batch process Waters 1 cc 96 flangeless SPE cartridges. The flangeless holder is designed to hold up to 96 1 cc flangeless SPE cartridges and fit into the 96-position footprint of the manifold. The cartridge and holder assembly can then be stacked on the appropriate collection plate. Waters offers a range of compatible plates such as the 96-well Sample Collection Plate, 800 µL Round well, 50/pk.

With the Waters Positive Pressure-96 Processor, fine control over the flow through the plate is possible, and the inert gas flow can be adjusted easily without impacting the flow from empty wells. When working with viscous samples, rapid gas flow can be provided to the manifold and adjusted as needed, reducing the risk of well-plugging. Pressures up to 80 psi are accommodated, supplying greater motive force for the viscous sample flow. By adjusting the pressure up or down, smooth and immediate flow response and high flow control are possible on variable viscosity plasma samples.

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