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Oasis MCX 96-well µElution Plate, 2 mg Sorbent per Well, 30 µm, 1/pk

Oasis MCX 96-well µElution Plates | 186001830BA

Product Description

The patented 96-well Oasis MCX µElution plate is designed for SPE cleanup and analyte enrichment of sample volumes ranging from 10 µL to 375 µL. Each well of the µElution plate contains 2 mg of the Oasis MCX sorbent, which is a novel, mixed-mode polymeric sorbent that has been optimized to achieve higher selectivity and sensitivity for extracting basic compounds with cation-exchange groups. The innovative features of Oasis µElution plate enabled elution in only 25 µL, resulting in sensitive, robust, reproducible results without evaporation and reconstitution. A 15-fold sample enrichment is possible with this plate. The Oasis MCX µElution plate is compatible with most liquid-handling robotic systems for automated, high throughput SPE.




  • Brand


  • Product Type

    Solid Phase Extraction

  • Units per Package

    1 pk

  • Chemistry


  • Endcapped


  • Format

    96-well µElution Plate

  • Ion Exchange Capacity

    1 meq/gram

  • Mass Spec Compatibility


  • Mode

    Mixed mode

  • Particle Size

    30 µm

  • Pore Size

    80 Å

  • Sorbent Substrate


  • Sorbent Weight

    2 mg

  • Water Wettable


  • pH Range Min

    0 pH

  • pH Range Max

    14 pH

  • Material


  • Number of Wells


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What is elution?

In analytical chemistry, elution is the process of extracting one material from another by washing it using a solvent. In a liquid chromatography experiment, an analyte is generally adsorbed (or bound to) an adsorbent in a column. Based on the composition of the adsorbent, it can have varying affinities to “hold” onto other molecules and form a thin film on the surface of particles. Elution is then the process of removing analytes from this absorbent by running a solvent, called an eluent, past the adsorbent/analyte complex. As the solvent molecules elute, or travel through the chromatography column, they can either pass through or displace the analyte.

What is SPE?

SPE refers to solid-phase extraction, in which compounds that are dissolved or suspended in a liquid mixture are separated from other compounds in the same mixture according to the chemical and physical properties present. This is commonly done in laboratories to concentrate or purify samples to improve analysis.

Oasis MCX 96-well µElution Plate, 2 mg Sorbent per Well, 30 µm, 1/pk

As the first choice in solid-phase extraction (SPE) products, Oasis was designed by Waters to include innovative sorbent technology and hardware design. By offering unmatched purity, consistency, and quality, Oasis products have become trusted by separation scientists across the globe for a wide variety of sample preparation needs, from simple and fast matrix cleanup to highly selective sample preparation challenges. With unsurpassed selectivity, the highest available SPE recovery, a wide selection of sorbents, and a broad array of formats, Oasis products are a market leader.

Oasis MCX is a mixed-mode cation exchange reversed-phase sorbent designed for bases, using Oasis HLB- the first water-wettable yet hydrophobic polymeric sorbent. It is made to overcome limitations found in traditional silica-based mixed-mode SPE sorbents and provides dual modes of retention--both ion exchange and reversed-phase--with a single, clean, stable, high surface area, organic co-polymer that is stable from pH 0 to 14. Oasis MCX technology also offers greater binding capacity than silica-based mixed-mode SPE sorbents.

With the ability to fully manipulate pH during development, optimization, and execution of SPE methods on mixed-mode sorbents, Oasis MCX enables fast, straightforward method development with rugged and robust procedures.

The Oasis MCX 96-well µElution Plate is a patented design that facilitates elution volumes as low as 25 µm with no evaporation or reconstitution necessary, allowing you to “elute and shoot”. Ideal for small sample volumes, the Oasis 96-well µElution plate is ideal for high throughput and high recovery and is compatible with most liquid handling robotic systems for automated, reliable, high throughput SPE.

This plate combines Waters’ patented plate design, proven Oasis MCX chemistries, and straight forward protocols that enable high analyte recovery and clean extracts.

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