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CORTECS T3 Column, 120Å, 1.6 µm, 2.1 mm X 100 mm, 1/pk

CORTECS T3 Column | 186008499

Product Description

CORTECS T3 columns are compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases, and provide excellent retention for polar and non-polar analytes. The particle morphology offers high efficnecy and lower backpressure when compared to fully porouse particles of similar particle size. CORTECS T3 provides you with ultra-low column MS bleed, long lifetimes and excellent peak shape.




  • Brand


  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    1 pk

  • Carbon Load

    4.7 %

  • Bonding Technology


  • Chemistry


  • Endcapped


  • Endfitting Type


  • Format


  • Inner Diameter

    2.1 mm

  • Length

    100 mm

  • Separation Mode

    Reversed Phase

  • Particle Shape


  • Particle Size

    1.6 µm

  • Particle Substrate


  • Pore Size

    120 Å

  • Silanol Activity


  • Surface Area


  • System


  • Particle Technology

    Solid Core

  • USP Classification


  • pH Range Min

    2 pH

  • pH Range Max

    8 pH

  • Temperature Limits


  • Maximum Pressure

    18000 psi (1240 Bar)

  • eCord


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What Is The CORTECS Solid Core T3 VanGuard Pre-Column?

Designed to increase column lifetime, VanGuard Pre-Columns are 2.1 mm in inner diameter and 5 mm in length. They are designed specifically to complement columns in the ACQUITY UPLC family. CORTECS Solid Core T3 VanGuard Columns contain the same chemistries and frits at the columns. The pre-columns are designed to be attached directly to the inlet side of the CORTECS column. In order to ensure a connection free of leaks and voids, all VanGuard Pre-Columns are shipped with the collet and ferrule not permanently attached. Take care when removing the O-ring that holds the two pieces on the pre-column tubing.

CORTECS Solid Core T3 Column, 120Å, 1.6 µm, 2.1 mm X 100 mm, 1/pk

Based on Waters’ solid core particle technology, CORTECS Solid Core T3 Columns offer chromatographic performance at levels that have not been achieved before. Compared to fully porous particles of similar size, the solid core particle morphology offers high efficiency and lower backpressure, allowing for improved throughput and speed. CORTECS family of columns are compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases, while providing excellent retention in both polar and non-polar analytes.

The newest members of the CORTECS column family, these columns use T3 technology to provide balanced retention for polar and non-polar compounds under reversed-phase conditions. With an increased pore diameter, 100% aqueous mobile phases can be used without the risk of phase dewetting or the low-level C18 ligand bonding. The proprietary end-capping used on CORTECS Solid Core T3 Columns allows polar molecules to interact with residual hydrophilic silanols, providing increases in retention. These columns also offer ultra-low bleed, long lifetimes, and excellent peak shape. Lifetime can be further extended using a CORTECS Solid Core T3 VanGuard Pre-column, 120Å, 1.6 µm, 2.1 mm X 5 mm, 3/pk.

This column features a particle size of 1.6 µm, with an inner diameter of 2.1 mm and a length of 100 mm.

CORTECS Solid Core T3 Columns are designed to be used with the ACQUITY UPLC System and lab equipment. Columns are manufactured in a cGMP, ISO 9001 certified plant that uses ultra-pure reagents. Each batch of CORTECS material is tested chromatographically with basic, acidic, and neutral analytes and results are held to narrow specification ranges. This allows Waters to ensure excellent and reproducible performance across laboratories and applications.

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