Prep Guard Cartridge Holder 30 x 10 mm

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30 mm X 10 mm Prep Guard Holder

30 mm X 10 mm Prep Guard Holder | 186006912




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Why Is The Guard Column Placed Between The Injector And HPLC Column?

This is done to protect the analytical or prep column from major contamination of the HPLC.

30 mm X 10 mm Prep Guard Holder

Add the Waters Prep Guard Holder to your collection of lab equipment. The Prep Guard Holder is part of the intricate system designed by Waters to protect your valuable prep columns and to ensure that your equipment lasts a long time while continuing to deliver exceptional results throughout their lives.

You can depend on the Waters Prep Guard Holder to ensure that no degradation of peak shape or plate count occurs during analysis and that your prep column is protected. The high-performance Prep Guard Holders performs this function in two main ways. Firstly, it acts as a filter and traps unwanted contaminants in the frits. Secondly, when the guard cartridge is packed with the same material as the prep column, it removes compounds that irreversibly adsorb to the packing material.

Waters scientists invest a lot of research and time to figure out how to optimally run chromatography and LC-MS laboratories to deliver peak performance. This is why our instruments, software, chemistries, and services provide you with the tools you need to be successful. Waters recommends the use of its parts and equipment together as only Waters Quality Parts have been tested and certified for consistent optimal performance of your Waters systems. By using Waters Quality Parts, you can be confident of consistent instrument operation, accurate and reproducible results, and continued system compliance.

To ensure the maximum performance and longevity of your instrument, it is recommended to schedule a Performance Maintenance visit every 12 months.

To find out more parts that can be used in conjunction with your other Waters equipment, visit our website and order our catalog. Through both the mediums, you can shop for lab equipment directly from us and also learn more about our extensive range of lab equipment that is designed to meet every chromatography challenge.

You may also want to explore the AutoPurification System Standard, which is a Quality Control Reference Material containing a unique collection of standards and mixtures. Using these products, scientists can evaluate and benchmark their chromatography system before analysis of critical material. The products in the portfolio are all specially formulated based on the expertise of Waters scientists. The AutoPurification Dye Standard contains three compounds, including Thionin, Thioflavin, and Crystal Violet.

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