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AccQ-Tag Ultra RP Column 130Å 1.7 µm, 2.1 mm x 100 mm, 1/pk

AccQ-Tag Ultra RP Columns 1.7 µm | 2.1mm x 100mm | 186003837

Product Description

AccQ•Tag Ultra Chemistry is based on the versatile and proven AccQ•Tag Method— the leading chemistry solution for amino acid analysis and is specifically designed for accurate, high sensitivity UPLC analyses. AccQ•Tag Ultra utilizes the AccQ•Fluor™ Reagent to quickly and easily derivatize both primary and secondary amino acids in a single step to generate unparalleled quantitative results. The AccQ•Tag Ultra Chemistry Package is a comprehensive, fully-tested set of reagents, column and eluents including extensive documentation.




  • Application

    Amino Acid

  • Brand

    AccQ-Tag Ultra

  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    1 pk

  • Carbon Load

    18 %

  • Chemistry


  • Endcapped


  • Endfitting Type


  • Format


  • Inner Diameter

    2.1 mm

  • Length

    100 mm

  • Separation Mode

    Reversed Phase

  • Particle Shape


  • Particle Size

    1.7 µm

  • Particle Substrate


  • Pore Size

    130 Å

  • QC Tested

    Amino Acids

  • Silanol Activity


  • Surface Area


  • System


  • Particle Technology


  • USP Classification


  • pH Range Min

    1 pH

  • pH Range Max

    12 pH

What Is Amino Acid Analysis?

Amino acid analysis is a technique used to determine the amino acid content of samples that contain amino acids, peptides, or proteins. In most cases, proteins are long, linear polymers of amino acids that are connected to each other via peptide bonds- in the first step of amino acid analysis, these peptide bonds are hydrolyzed. Once the amino acids are separated, they are then detected and quantified. Amino acid analysis is one of the major analytical techniques used in biochemical or biotechnological environments. It can be used to answer a range of biological questions. It is the method of choice in order to get reliable protein/peptide quantitation.

AccQ-Tag Ultra RP Column 130Å 1.7 µm, 2.1 mm x 100 mm, 1/pk

Accomplish accurate, high-sensitivity UPLC analyses with the AccQ-Tag Ultra RP Column, an integral component of Waters’ UPLC Amino Acid Analysis Solution. The success of this lab equipment is based on the AccQ-Tag Ultra Chemistry, a versatile solution for amino acid analysis that leads the industry. This method provides superb compositional analysis when it comes to hydrolyzed peptides and proteins.

ACQUITY UPLC technology uses stationary phase particles that measure 1.7 µm in diameter to offer improved sensitivity, resolution, and speed. By combining these benefits with the ACQUITY UPLC system for separation technology, scientists are able to perform protein characterization, cell culture monitoring, and nutritional analysis in less time than other conventional methods.

Find success in derivatizing amino acids, separating the derivatives with reversed-phase UPLC, and quantitating the derivatives based on UV absorbance or fluorescence intensity with the AccQ-Tag Ultra RP column. The AccQ-Tag Ultra method is a pre-columnization derivatization technique for amino acids that is used in combination with the UPLC AAA Solution. The combination of these technologies enables scientists to easily obtain accurate results and achieve exceptional chromatographic resolution.

Experience unparalleled quantitative results with the AccQ-Tag Ultra, as it utilizes the AccQ-Fluor Reagent in order to quickly and easily derivatize both primary and secondary amino acids using a single step. This AccQ-Tag Ultra RP column is optimized when used in conjunction with the full AccQ-Tag Ultra Chemistry package, including fully-tested reagents, columns, and eluents. All derivatizing reagents are developed specifically for amino acid analysis.

The complete application solution is recommended when using the AccQ-Tag Ultra column. Use of the volume without the rest of the application solution is not supported and may lead to significant risks of inaccurate qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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