GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS Labeling Module 96-Sample

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GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS Label 96-Sample

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Product Description

The GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor - MS™ Labeling Module – 96 sample kit is intended to be used as a part of the GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor - MS™ N-Glycan Kit. RapiFluor-MS's (RFMS) unique chemical attributes provide increased fluorescence quantification and supreme mass spectral response. Now you can use a single label that provides valuable information from characterization to routine monitoring. This product contains: (4) GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor - MS™ labeling reagent (4) GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor - MS™ reagent solvent Each vial of the GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor - MS™ labeling reagent is suitable for 24 reactions. 




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    Released n-glycan Analysis

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Hazaradous Material This product contains hazardous material which requires special freight handling. Additional charges may apply.
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