GlycoWorks Rapid Deglycosylation Group 2x48

SKU: 186004579
GlycoWorks Rapid Deglycosylation Kit - 2 x 48

GlycoWorks Rapid Deglycosylation Kit | 2 x 48 | 186004579

Product Description

The GlycoWorks Rapid Deglycosylation Kits are used to support existing RapiFluor-MS (RFMS) customers who are looking to qualify and validate their deglycosylation efficiency with the protocol. It can also be used for complimentary application areas to compare intact with partial PNGase F deglycosylation for site occupancy information (quick screening) and intact O-linked analysis as shown through application notes in the below references with the Waters ACQUITY UPLC Glycoprotein BEH Amide, 300A column. GlycoWorks Deglycosylation Module Contains: (2) 0.080 mL/vial Rapid PNGase F Enzyme (2) 1.50 mL/vial GlycoWorks Rapid Buffer (2) 20 mg/vial RapiGest SF Surfactant




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