Kairos Accq•Tag Ultra Derivatization Kit

SKU: 186004535
AccQ-Tag Ultra "3X" Derivitization Kit

Product Description

AccQ-Tag Ultra Derivatization 3X derivatization kit contains five sets of derivatizing reagents used for UPLC Amino Acid Application Solution. Each set of reagents includes one vial each of 

  •  AccQ-Tag Ulra Borate Buffer - Vial 1. The buffer is added to the samples to ensure optimum pH for derivatization (each vial has 6mL)
  •  AccQ-Tag Ultra Reagent Powder - Vial 2A . The reagent powder is the 6-aminoquinolyl-N-hydroxysuccinimudyl carbamate (AQC) derivatizing reagent. It is shipped dry for maximum stability. (each vial has 9 mg of AQC)
  • AccQ-Tag Ultra Reagent Diluent - Vial 2B. This diluent acetonitrile, is used to reconstitute the reagent for derivatization. (each vial has 4mL)


  • Product Type

    Application Kits

Hazaradous Material This product contains hazardous material which requires special freight handling. Additional charges may apply.
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